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OPENspace Seminar - Dr Caroline Pearce 12.03.2024

Environmental support for flourishing in older age

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Focus Group Demonstration

This video is an example of a focus group being run online. It shows the facilitator's note before and after the focus group, and a recording of the focus group itself. You can also download the…

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Jisc Online Surveys V3 Overview

This 1 hour video gives an overview of how to log in to Jisc Online Surveys v3, how to create a survey in Jisc Online Surveys V3, how to use different question types, how to set up question and page…

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Future of propsective postgraduate taught online provision - update event 13 December 2023

Update event from the Prospective Student Web Content team on the future of prospective postgraduate taught online provision. The event covered:an overview of the project and an update on most recent…

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Questions Button

This video will demonstrate the features of the Questions button when presenting a Wooclap event. This includes duplicating existing questions and creating quick questions. Please note: Due to a…

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Wooclap: Presenting an Event

This video will demonstrate how to present a Wooclap event to participants and the functionality of the events toolbar. 00:00 Introduction 00:08 Presenting with Powerpoint slides 00:21 Presenting…

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Wooclap: The message wall

In this video, we will demonstrate how to create a message wall within a Wooclap event. The message wall is a great way to hold a Q&A session or receive comments from participants during an…

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Wooclap: Create an event

In this video we will demonstrate the process of creating a new event in Wooclap, adding questions to your event and change some of the default event settings. 00:00 Introduction 00:10 Creating an…

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“Metabolic Dysfunction and Bipolar Disorder”, Dr Iain Campbell

Bipolar disorder and epilepsy share several anti-convulsant medications and some similarities in underlying neurobiology. Recently, a metabolic therapy which has been used in the treatment of…

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Rehela Hussain_Intro

Rehela Hussain_Intro

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Mason Institute Investigates - Season 2 Episode 5: Listening to Children: Children’s perspectives on surrogacy law

Welcome back for another episode of the Mason Institute Investigates podcast. In this episode, Dr Katherine Wade, Dr Kirsty Horsey and Dr Zaina Mahmoud talks about their project called…

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learnBayes: Bayesian linear models for LEL (2023) Part Ib

An introduction to Bayesian linear models in R for Linguistics and English Language. For info and materials, see

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PgCAP Clinical Education in Practice introductory video presentation

Ian Lee gives a 4 minute overview of the Clinical Education in Practice course.

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Epi course 3.7 - Quasi-experimental studies

Quasi-experimental studies

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Epi course 3.6 - RCTs

Epi course RCTs

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MucAct COPD Protocol v5.0 02 Jun 2023

MucAct COPD Protocol Training

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