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Plant Breeding

This vignette will show how to simulate the wheat breeding programme described in Gaynor et al. (2017). In this breeding programme, there are several stages in a breeding cycle and several breeding…

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Simulating traits in AlphaSimR - Part 2

AlphaSimR simulates traits by defining the type of trait genetic effects, number of DNA sites controlling the trait, mean, genetic variance, and environmental variance. Once we simulate genetic and…

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Selection on a single trait in AlphaSimR - Part 1

In this vignette, we will learn about simulating selection to improve a single trait and explore some of the intricacies of the breeder’s equation. (Part 1)

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Håvard Melbo Tajet interview

Geno is the breeding organisation of Norwegian Red, the main dairy breed in Norway. It as a farmer cooperative that has been conducting research and development for cattle breeding since 1935. Geno…

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Professor Jenni Quint on phenotyping algorithms

Professor Jenni Quint explains the importance of phenotyping algorithms, and introduces the HDR UK phenotype library.

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