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Food Security

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 5 Mini-lecture by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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OPENspace Seminar - Dr Carolina Mayen Huerta 11.04.2024

OPENspace Seminar - Dr Carolina Mayen Huerta 11.04.2024

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The TUSAIL Project: Bridging the Gap between Research and Industry in Particle Systems

Changes in the way particles behave when handled in large quantities can lead to unexpected costs or severely impact product quality when scaling up production. Beginning in March 2021, the…

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ESO learning online

Edinburgh Surgery Online graduates explain what it was like to learn online.

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Douglas Alexander

The after-lunch speaker at the General Council Half-Yearly Meeting on Saturday 17th February was The Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander, a General Council Court Assessor. His talk was entitled “To see…

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In the Hot Seat David

Who is the mind behind the academic mastery? How will we solve the world’s biggest challenges? Join us as we put David in the Hot Seat to quiz him about his role as an academic teaching courses…

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TAS Robots Animation

TAS Robots Animation

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Welcome from the Principal, Peter Mathieson

Welcome from the Principal of the University of Edinburgh, Peter Mathieson, to the online course 'Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at COP28'. Peter outlines the University's…

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20231025 Dimensions of Data Leadership Reflections

Reflections after Summit 2

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BRAID Fellowships webinar

BRAID fellowships information webinar 04 Oct 2023

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The Future of Football part 2

The Future of Football part 2 interview with Calum Ross from Deloitte

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Honours projects introduction - Angus Bancroft

Project supervision

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Welcome to our Online Learning Students 2023-24

Welcome to our online learning students for academic year 2023-24 from the Head of Edinburgh Law School, Professor Jo Shaw.

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Cohort Lead Experience 2022-23 Maarya Sharif

A short video with one of our Cohort Leads from AY2022/23, Maarya Sharif (PGT Mathematics) sharing her experience in the role. She talks about: Question 1: What has been you experience of being a…

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Introduction to sociotechnical systems

Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Introduction to sociotechnical systems

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