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Creating composite images in Bacmman

Video tutorial on how to create composite images between different channels in Bacmman

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Introduction to R: Part 3

This video is Part 3/3. This event aligns with the Digital creation, problem solving and innovation competency on the University's Digital Skills Framework. This course is aimed for those who…

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Selection on a single trait in AlphaSimR - Part 1

In this vignette, we will learn about simulating selection to improve a single trait and explore some of the intricacies of the breeder’s equation. (Part 1)

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DNA lottery in AlphaSimR Traits

We will now look at the randomness of DNA inheritance (the DNA lottery) between parents and progeny, and how this process drives variation in genetic and phenotype values of relatives. Please watch…

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1) - Week 7 - Answers to Mondays Questions

In this video, Jill shows the ggplot answers to the questions we left undone in Monday's farm accounts data. Please note, captions are autogenerated

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Topic 42: Introduction to Estimation Theory (PETARS, Chapter 6)

In this video, Estimation Theory is introduced in which unknown parameters are estimated from data, rather than assuming that problems can be described by fully known distributions or statistics.…

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IDS - Week 05 - 01 - Keeping up with IDS

Keeping up with IDS - Week 5

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IDS - Week 02 - 04 - Visualising numerical data

Various visualisations for numerical data and making then with ggplot2 00:00 Terminology 03:11 Data 07:28 Visualizing numerical data 09:33 Histogram 14:42 Density plot 17:32 Box plot …

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USMR lecture 2 part 3

RStudio demonstration of central limit theorem

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USMR lecture 2 part 2

Histograms and density plots; the normal curve

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USMR lecture 2 part 1

All about measuring a notch on a stick

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Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statisticsMCLM11079

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K-means for image representation

K-means for image representation

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Gaussian Naive Bayes Classifier

Gaussian Naive Bayes Classifier

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Discrete Distributions

Discrete Distributions

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