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'Role of Immune System in Depression: from mechanism towards new treatment', Dr Golam Khandaker

Immune system, particularly low-grade systemic inflammation, is implicated in pathogenesis of depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. Inflammation is thought to be a…

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Plant Breeding

This vignette will show how to simulate the wheat breeding programme described in Gaynor et al. (2017). In this breeding programme, there are several stages in a breeding cycle and several breeding…

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Effects of global discourse coherence on local contextual predictions - Georgia-Ann Carter

Context is vitally important for how we understand the world around us, and this is particularly so with language. We know that humans use a range of linguistic cues when understanding language to…

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ACCORD Update Event 1 (Part 2): Research Transparency

Marise Bucukoglu (Head of Research Governance, UoE) and Heather Charles (Head of Research Governance, NHS Lothian) discuss the national and local work ongoing around research transparency in health…

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ACCORD Update Event 1 (Part 1): ACCORD Overview 2022

Fiona McArdle, R&D Deputy Director, presents an overview of ACCORD services, information on how performance is measured and how the R&D office is funded.

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A Migrant’s Story: Designing Against Unconscious Bias in Digitised Historical Archives

Adam Crymble (UCL) presents 'A Migrant’s Story: Designing Against Unconscious Bias in Digitised Historical Archives.'Who do we digitize for? Who did we forget? The age of mass…

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Research During the Pandemic Webinar 13 - Reflections on managing research during the pandemic

'You can't move forward until you look back' Professor Tim Walsh reflects on his experience as NHS Lothian R&D Director during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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LEL2A: Week 9, Lecture 15.

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LEL2A: Week 9, Lecture 14, and careers talk.

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Research During the Pandemic: Research, Covid19 and beyond

Sheila Morris, Lead Research Nurse Infectious Diseases in NHS Lothian, discusses her 30 year research career spanning the HIV Pandemic through to the Covid 19 Pandemic. She reflects on the research…

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Minitab Statistics: One Proportion Test

This video describes the process of running a One Proportion Test in Minitab. It is aimed at students of the BVM&S Student Research Course. 00:15 - Accessing Minitab via 01:09 -…

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Episode 1 - Anders Björklund and Stephen Dunnett

NECTAR 2021 conference podcast

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Language Models: MLE and the Sparse Data Problem

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Research during the Pandemic: Living through Covid - A reflection from a Nurse Director's perspective

Professor Alex MaMahon, Executive Nurse Director for NHS Lothian, reflects on the Covid pandemic from his perspective. This webinar was delivered to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day 2021.

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EU Law and International Clinical Trials: Towards Strengthened Protections for Research Subjects

Presentation from the MI Lunch with the Global Justice Academy on 26 May 2015. Clinical trials are essential to the production and licensing of pharmaceuticals on the basis that they are both safe…

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MI Interviews - Dr Mark Flear

Dr Mark Flear discusses his research interests and their relevance to real world issues with Gerard Porter of the Mason Institute. Please note: All interviews are from a personal perspective and…

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