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Claus Koestler Markovianity and the Thompson monoid F^+

Applied matrix positivity Claus Koestler Markovianity and the Thompson monoid F^+ This recording is in the process of being subtitled. Subtitles will be available in due course.

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Introduction to Social Research Methods Trailer

Explore research methods, the contexts in which they are used, and the benefits, drawbacks and ethical implications involved. View course materials on edX!

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The Edinburgh Race Lectures: Representing Slavery in Contemporary Black British Women’s Plays - 26 November 2020

'Representing Slavery in Contemporary Black British Women’s Plays: Race, Responsibility, Reparations' by Lynette Goddard, Professor of Black Theatre and Performance at Royal Holloway,…

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Dr Gerry Thompson - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Gerry Thompson, consultant neuroradiologist and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology, as he highlights his research focus on brain imaging like PET & MR, to better characterize…

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Roy Thompson on James Croll

Roy Thompson FRSE - Professor Emeritus and Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Edinburgh - gives a brief overview of James Croll, a 19th century Scottish scientist who, in his…

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