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'Self-binding directives' - should it be possible to request involuntary treatment in advance?, Dr Tania Gergel

‘Self-binding directives’ or ‘Ulysses contracts’ are preferences laid out in advance by service users, which draw on ‘expertise through experience’, and…

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D6. Lung cancer_part II

Prof. William Wallace

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D4. Risk factors, prevention & treatment strategies

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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D3b. Cancer progression_part II

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Episode 3 - DNACPR decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic

This episode's guest is Upeka de Silva, the Policy Officer for the national charity Compassion in Dying. Upeka talks to us about the Care Quality Commission's (CQC) review into DNACPR…

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Jemina Napier's presentation

Access to maternal healthcare information for deaf women who use sign language

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Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

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Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Sana Shabbir

Individual Video for Sana Shabbir - Three Minute Thesis Competition 2022 Runner Up and People's Choice Winner

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 2

This is an outline of one mixed methods design, the convergent design.

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Acute Complications of Diabetes part 3

MBChB year 2, Nutrition & Digestion

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Prof Ross Anderson - Inference Control

Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Alcohol Awareness Event - live online-20220216_090038-Meeting Recording

MBChB year 2. Alcohol Awareness Event

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Hepatitis Viruses

MBChB year 2 Nutrition & Digestion module

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Hepatitis Viruses - Recording

MBChB year 2 N&D module

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Surgical Harm, Consent and English Criminal Law - Alexandra Mullock

This is the first in a three part series of free seminar series examining contemporary issues in medical law and ethics organised by the University of Bristol’s Centre for Health, Law and…

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Shadow Box Sim Mental Health

Simulation of a patient admitted with overdose and self harm, addressing stigma trauma informed practice and how to communicate with someone who is suicidal. University of Edinburgh Nursing Studies.

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