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Queer in AI

A research seminar by the Edinburgh University Staff Pride Network Sabine (she/her) is a PhD student researching AI and language while being annoyed about the lack of multilingual tools. Her…

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Embodied Cognition 1

First philosophy lecture on Situated Cognition for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Mark Miller

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4.6 Bias and Regulation

Internet and Society 2021

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4.4 Why are ‘Algorithms’ Controversial

Internet and Society 2021

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Computation at the Service of Social Sciences

First broadcast on Tuesday 28th September, 2021. This talk will discuss ways in which digital data and advanced computational methods can be used not to master social research but to serve it.…

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BHoM 2021: Jude Kong (York University, Canada)

This recording is subtitled. You can turn off the subtitles by pressing CC. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence & Big Data techniques to monitor, manage and forecast an epidemic: the case of…

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An introduction to the Digital Education programme from Jeremy Knox

This video is designed to introduce new students to the Digital Education programme and is delivered by Dr Jeremy Knox, Programme Director.

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CogSci lecture 1 part 1

first part of the first lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22

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Student Visions of Edinburgh Graduate (Berger)

Student Eric Berger (4th year mathematics) gives us his vision for the Edinburgh Graduate

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Graphical Modelling: David Deuber

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar.Name: David DeuberTalk Title: Extremal Quantile Treatment Effects for Heavy-Tailed…

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Higgs Summer Forum: Machine Learning

Title: Machine Learning, the Djinni in the Bottle: Predicting without Understanding? Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were developed by humans in an attempt to aid in…

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Introduction to Alex Lascarides Inf2D

Introduction to Alex Lascarides Inf2D

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BREATHE Showcase: Innovation through collaboration

A recording of the webinar held on 1 June 2021Through its collaborations with industry and charity partners, BREATHE is exploring new ways of using data to deliver improvements in the treatment, care…

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Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics

Speaker: Chris Williams, School of Informatics Abstract: The practical work of deploying a machine learning system is dominated by issues outside of training a model: data preparation, data…

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Data: a Clinical Perspective

Speaker: Jennifer Quint, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London & BREATHE Hub This talk will consider what clinicians think about data and what they should think about data.…

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Introduction to Social Research Methods Trailer

MOOC Trailer

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