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John Kitchen plays Jacques Duphly, La Forqueray.

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John Kitchen plays Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Polonaise in D minor.

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Frauds and Fakes

Are all the instruments on display authentic? Well, yes and no. Learn about one ‘fake’ harpsichord on display and why an unscrupulous antiques dealer named Franciolini created it.

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Women Instrument Makers

You don’t often see women in histories of musical instrument making, but they were there. Find out about the instruments in our Collection that come from firms where women were involved in…

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Popular Piano

How did the piano become the popular instrument we play today? Discover how one maker changed the fortune of the instrument in the late 18th century.

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Inside the Harpsichord

Ever wondered what happens inside a harpsichord? In this video, you will discover how a harpsichord’s action works to produce its unique sound.

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