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Week 6 - Video 1

Roman Egypt - Essays

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AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University - Part A

AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University, February 5th 2024 - Part A

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Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus: Audio Only

Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus Audio Only Published: Part of the Themes in Contemporary Art course, MA Contemporary Art Theory,…

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Using Legal Databases Sept 2023

Introductory session on how to use legal databases (Westlaw, Lexis+ and HeinOnline). By the end of this session, you should be able to: select the appropriate database for your needs, and recognise…

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Introduction to Collusion

The University defines collusion as "a form of plagiarism. It is an unauthorised and unattributed collaboration of students in a piece of assessed work."As part of your studies, you will be…

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Sian Bayne IASH seminar 2023

Recording of Sian Bayne's work-in-progress seminar 'Scorched earth technologies: higher education and utopia'. 6 July 2023. The search for hope, better futures and a newly invigorated…

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Open science hardware for realising globally equitable knowledge production - Pen Yuan Hsing (Speaker), Brianna Johns

Join Pen Yuan Hsing (speaker) and Brianna Johns as they introduce us to Open Science Hardware, and the problems it solves. They offer successful examples of open science hardware projects that serve…

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Social Media

Marie Storrar share her expertise on building a stellar social media presence using personas, data and creative magic.

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Learn Ultra: Enabling Class Conversations

This is a video demonstrating how to use Class Conversations in Learn Ultra.

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Technologies for Peace Building - Dr. Devanjan Bhattacharya

Technologies for Peace Building - Dr. Devanjan Bhattacharya

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Open Access, Data Management and Emerging Challenges to International Research - Gavin McLachlan

The University of Edinburgh’s current position regarding Open Access and Data management – including the introduction of our new policies. As well as the University’s general…

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Beverley Hood - It’s all about the feelings. Emotional AI session

Controversies in the Data Society 2022 Beverley Hood, Reader in Technological Embodiment & Creative Practice and Director of Research in Design, ECA

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Reimagining Waste Landscapes Seminar Series #5: John Brown - Lifetime Piling Up

[due to an error the audio does not start til around 00:01:45] Lifetime Piling Up. Visual accumulations of objects and experience.Using images of his own work, personal history and research,…

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Sarah Harris

Talk at kinetoplast DNA workshop (2-4 February 2022)

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Turning a Crisis into a Drama: Becoming actors in response to climate change

Welcome to this special recording for COP26 and beyond, where we consider the power of drama, parable and liturgy to immerse us bodily in current reality, and give us vision for a way…

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