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Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Michaela Raab

Individual Video for Michaela Raab Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 Winner

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Computational interlude 2 part 1

part 1 of Computational Interlude 2 for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Jia Loy

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Forces Fiona asks about Gravity

The fictional story titled 'Forces Fiona & The Laws of Motion' written by Amy Cook as part of the 2020/21 Geoscience Outreach & Engagement course for The City of Edinburgh…

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Coursework 1

This is the video presenting the first Coursework for Inf2D, Reasoning and Agents.

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This is the third video on Problem Solving and Search: we look at a general tree search algorithm – the first step towards searching strategies.

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CL - Lecture 4.j - Reduction 2

We use the rules to reduce a sequent to a conjunction of simple sequents, sequents that only mentions propositional letters, with no connectives, and no repetitions — in this example, we find…

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GI & Liver: Carbohydrate Metabolism 2

MBChB year 2, Nutrition & Digestion, Metabolism week

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Axilla - Brachial Plexus

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Lumbosacral Plexus

Created and Presented by Dr Stephen Maclean. In this screencast we explore the primary nerves of the lower limb: the lumbosacral plexus. The emphasis is on motor nerves, but we briefly explore the…

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Exact Inference in BNs: Variable Enumeration

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