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Scar Wars: from padawan to professor

Inaugural lecture of Professor Jonathan Fallowfield, Personal Chair of Translational Liver ResearchLiver disease is a silent killer and is on the rise. It is now the biggest cause of death in those…

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PET is Wonderful 2021 - Keynote speaker talk

Keynote speaker talk from PET is Wonderful 2021. Automated caption generation was used for this media. There was no human intervention and the captions will have variable accuracy.

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Translational research case study CMVM - Sofia

This interview features a real-life account of a researcher’s journey, based here at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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Quantitative Single-Cell-Based Modeling - Dirk Drasdo

Soft Tissue Workshop 2021 (01 - 03 June 2021) Dirk Drasdo, INRIA - Quantitative Single-Cell-Based Modeling Reveals Predictable Response of Growing Tumor Spheroids on External Mechanical Stress, and…

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Digestive System Overview Pt.3

Accessory organs and the small intestine

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Cell therapy spinout targets liver repair treatment

Advanced liver damage could be treated and repaired instead of requiring a transplant thanks to a University of Edinburgh spinout company. Resolution Therapeutics Ltd is based on a decade of research…

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Step-change in bioengineering of new liver tissue

Professor David Hay talks about his new work devfeloping an automated platform for generating new human liver tissue from stem cells in the laboratory. These liver organoids will…

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Potential cell therapy for liver cirrhosis - Safety clinical trial

Liver disease patients could one day benefit from a new macrophage cell therapy that has just completed its first clinical trial, published in Nature Medicine (07 October 2019). Professor Stuart…

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Nazir Lone ACE lecture 22nd July2019

Alcohol-related liver disease in the ICU: using data to inform decision-making

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Dr Emilio Quaia - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Emilio Quaia, a Senior Research Fellow as he discusses his research interests in liver, kidney & bowel diseases including cirrhosis, renal failure & Crohn's disease.

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Liver cancer: the impending epidemic

The number of people diagnosed with liver cancer in the UK is 10 times higher now than it was at the end of the 1970s. It continues to be seen as a cancer caused by alcoholism and a high risk…

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