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10.1 Politics and Democracy Introduction


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Dynamical fracture: a continuum derivation of the velocity gap - Peter Stewart

Continuum Mechanics Seminar Series Peter Stewart, University of Glasgow Dynamical fracture: a continuum derivation of the velocity gap 26 March 2021 The subtitles/captions on this talk are being…

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10.6 Networks and Insitutions- Filter bubbles and Polarisastion

Internet and Society 2020

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Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference: Dr Spencer Becker-Kahn (Cambridge)

October 2020: Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference Spencer Becker-Kahn (Cambridge) Soap bubbles and minimal surfaces This talk has captions: You can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the…

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Concertina book cover

The concertina, or accordion binding is a traditional binding that has a feeling of a scroll. It can be read as a continuous narrative or page by page. The concertina suits concepts that have a…

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6082 Bubbles Boiling + Oscillo fps 8/11/1967

Film by Eric Lucey capturing bubbles boiling in slow motion and negative, using and oscilloscope. Captured on 8th November 1967.

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