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PG Using the Library Sept 2023

Using the University Library: for postgraduate students By the end of this session, you should be able to: - Understand what resources the library can offer to help you with your studies - Find and…

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Introduction to Library resources for Engineering students - September 15th 2023, 12:52:51 pm

Introduction to Library resources for Engineering students.

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Introduction to the University Library for PG Online students, 2023/24

An introduction to the University Library for online postgraduate students within SPS. This presentation is split into 3 sections: An introduction to Library Resources Guidance in conducting an more…

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DE Discussions: Blended learning for refugees in Uganda, lessons learned and a toolkit

In this DE Discussion, we talked with Sandra Nanyunja of the Refugee Law Project in Uganda. Sandra and I worked for many years on the Foundations for All project, a collaboration between Refugee…

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SACHA '23 - Robertson Group: Group 3 Proposal

On 26 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent‚Äč teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Robertson Group. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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C2. Microorganisms_bacteria & fungi

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B11. Chronic inflammation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A2. Maintaining the genome.mp4

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A1. Genome structure & organisation.mp4

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Open for Good: 10 years of open course development at Edinburgh University

This webinar recording for Open Education Week 2023 from Educational Design and Engagement shares the story of how the University of Edinburgh has developed an open course creation workflow that has…

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Speaking Out - Promo

Speaking Out - Promo

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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Futures

Professor Chris Speed, Director of Edinburgh Futures Institute, welcomes students who have been offered a place on the MA Interdiscplinary Futures programme.

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A Global History of Mathematics: An Urgent Human Concern - Alexander Jones

Did the Greeks know that Babylonian astral science was Babylonian? Alexander Jones Institute for the Study of The Ancient World, New York University

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Decolonizing Knowledge Production through Linked Open Data

Abstract A hallmark of the North American colonial process was the production and dissemination of knowledge about Indigenous peoples through the journals and records of colonizers. The violent, and…

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Internet and Society Week 1 Introduction, 1.1 and 1.2

Week 1 Video

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When do I cite and reference

In this video we will look at when you need to cite and reference.

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