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Challenges Facing Higher Education, Strategy 2030 and the Edinburgh Graduate

In this opening video Professor Vel McCune talks with Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Colm Harmon, Vice-Principal Students, about the challenges facing Higher…

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(Part 2) Neolithic Megasites from Ukraine to Iberia

Video by Manuel Fernandez-Gotz for 'The Origins of Agriculture: Reconsidering the Neolithic'

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Lecture 4 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - February 5th 2021, 9:17:21 pm

Lecture 4 part 1

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APMCS lecture 6 part 1

Animal mindreading part 1: introduction

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Edinburgh Medical Debate 2020

In an age of fake news, who can we trust for medical information? The annual Edinburgh Medical Debate hosted by Edinburgh Medical Students Council and Edinburgh Medical School. Chaired by Professor…

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Understanding Sport Consumers (Part 2)

This lecture continues the critical discussion of what it means to understand sport consumers before, during and beyond Covid-19.

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 5 Summary

Summary of Fine Tuning Lecture

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The Big Debate Part 1 - Shaun Millican

The Big Debate Part 1 - Shaun Millican

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Athenian Democracy and Modern Preoccupations - Screencast 5

Screencast by Dr Mirko Canevaro, recorded for the online course: Athenian Democracy and Modern Preoccupations

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Edinburgh Medical Debate 2018

The individual vs the institution: a recording of the Edinburgh Medical Debate from 29 October 2018. The motion: that this house believes that clinical guidelines do not improve patient care. The…

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