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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ben Rosamond

Professor Ben Rosamond presents his inaugural lecture at the School of Social and Political Science. Introduction by Professor John Devaney. Conservative economic policy discourse since the global…

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EAVE II featured in Scottish Parliament long COVID members debate

Preliminary results from the EAVE II Long COVID sub-study was referenced by John Mason MSP during the members debate on long COVID, which took place on 14 March 2023. Find out more about the Long…

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 1

An introduction to using mixed methods in psychological research.

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Annual Great Medico-Legal Debate 2022

The Mason Institute hosted the Annual Great Medico-Legal Debate 2022 on the 24th of February 2022. The theme of the debate was: Children, Medicine and the Law The rights and interests of…

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Edinburgh Medical Debate 2021 | Surviving Covid-19: The future of the NHS

The delivery of healthcare has evolved significantly since COVID-19 swept the globe in early 2020, with many services adapting to ensure continuity of care while prioritising only the most urgent of…

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10.1 Politics and Democracy Introduction


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Challenges Facing Higher Education, Strategy 2030 and the Edinburgh Graduate

In this opening video Professor Vel McCune talks with Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Colm Harmon, Vice-Principal Students, about the challenges facing Higher…

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Topic 42: Introduction to Nyquist Sampling Theory (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic introduces the concept of a sampled data system, which aims to measure and store values from a continuous-time signal to produce a discrete-time representation. The video emphasis that…

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Lecture 4 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - February 5th 2021, 9:17:21 pm

Lecture 4 part 1

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APMCS lecture 6 part 1

Animal mindreading part 1: introduction

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RDJS - Science Nature Environment Biofuels

Lecture for science, nature, environment

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Plato Lecture 7.5

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Mona Siddiqui after lunch address

Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Interracial Studies, addresses members of the General Council at the HYM on Saturday 13th February 2016.

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After-Lunch Speech from Mr Ken Macintosh, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliamentent

Ken McIntosh, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, addresses General Council members at the HYM lunch on Saturday 18th February 2017.

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Ancient Lecture 2.1

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Edinburgh Medical Debate 2020

In an age of fake news, who can we trust for medical information? The annual Edinburgh Medical Debate hosted by Edinburgh Medical Students Council and Edinburgh Medical School. Chaired by Professor…

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