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Fostering training of research staff through Replicating Open Science Hardware MRI: A Southeast Asian Initiative - Tapas Kumar Mohanty

The Replicating Open Hardware Pulse Oximeter project in India, embodies the principles of open science and open hardware, aiming to address the scarcity of affordable scientific equipment hindering…

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Humanities researchers’ perspectives towards scholarly communication practices - Dominic Hewett

To change research culture for the better, we need to understand researchers. Existing studies of the scholarly communication landscape in the humanities, especially in relation to open access, have…

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Lessons from Open Science across European Universities: policies, practices, and future directions - William Cawthorn

Open Science, which encompasses all scholarly disciplines, is increasingly recognised as a core feature of academic practice: it has the potential to improve the accessibility and integrity of…

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EORC 2024 Plenary Panel: Enacting Research Culture Change

Join our four experts in research cultures as they consider the core question of the conference: how do we drive healthy and sustained culture change, and how does this apply in the case of Open…

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Professor Marie Murphy

Professor Marie Murphy talks about the research activity at PAHRC and her own research interests.

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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at the University of Edinburgh means being honest, fair, and responsible in your academic work. It involves giving credit to others for their ideas or work you use, and following…

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Rights retention in action (impact of the UOE Research Publications Policy after 12 months) - Theo Andrew

Join Theo Andrew as he gives an update on the impact of the University of Edinburgh's "Right Retention Policy" after 12 months. You can find out more about the University's Rights…

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The Intersections between DORA, Open Research, and Equity - Stephen Curry

Keynote presentation

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Research Integrity: the view from the Research Office - Alan Campbell

When we talk about research integrity, what we’re talking about are the principles, ideas and behaviours that make up good research practice. It’s about defining what excellence in the…

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Scottish Universities Open Access Press: An Introduction - Dominique Walker

18 academic libraries across Scotland, through SCURL (Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries), are collaborating to develop a not-for-profit open access publishing platform that…

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Futures Lecture - Dispelling the Digital Enchantment

Futures Lecture - Dispelling the Digital EnchantmentProfessor Karen Yeung, University of Birmingham is the latest speaker in our Futures Lecture Series.About this eventAbstractIn this lecture, I…

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General Council Africa Past, Present, Future

The Africa event following the June 2019 HYM

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CDCS Annual Lecture 2021

First broadcast on 13 December, 2021Our second CDCS Annual Lecture 'Data as Power: The Next 100 Generations of Indigenous Data Sovereignty' was given by Professor Keolu Fox (University of…

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Study and Work Away Who Are We 2022

Study and Work Away Service for Offer Holders 2022: Who we are.

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10.1 Politics and Democracy Introduction


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Digital Materialities / Digital Imaginaries

First broadcast on 3 November, 2021.From high-profile controversies, such as the creation of e-wastes or the carbon footprint of Bitcoin, to subtler and even invisible influences, digital…

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