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Recording Inaugural Lecture Videos

Following feedback from teams around CAHSS, this session aims to troubleshoot common challenges faced in producing inaugural lectures videos by drawing from the experiences of others in the…

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2024 DRS LUNCHTIME SEMINARS - S1 - Research Data Support

Here you will hear Simon Smith from Research Data Support Services providing tips and tricks on Data Management Planning.

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20231025 Dimensions of Data Leadership Reflections

Reflections after Summit 2

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Dr Ian McNicoll - openEHR in evolution

MSc Leading Digital Transformation

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Welcome Back Year 3: Mechanical Engineering Programmes

Welcome Back Year 3: Mechanical Engineering Programmes

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Welcome Back Year 4 Mechanical Engineering

Welcome Back Year 4 Mechanical Engineering

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How to... Find Communities - Commuter Students (UG/PGT/PGR)

​​​This 'How to...' video is designed for new and returning students that commute. This is a great opportunity to break the ice, to allow you to meet and chat with other students with…

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Vice Principal's video update May 12th 2023

Vice Principal's video update May 12th 2023

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Leamington Publishing_GCAS Presentation-20230209_133704-Meeting Recording

GCAS Employer Presentation

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What's the best type of masters programme for you?

Join Dr Ben Bateman and Dr Frauke Matthes for a short introduction to masters programmes in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC). What's the difference between a taught…

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AML: Ethics and Fairness - Introduction

Applied Machine Learning - INFR11211 AML: Ethics and Fairness - Introduction(Guest Lecture: Nadin Kokciyan) Part 1/3

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engage: Engaging students in digital learning environments: cameras on or off?

Celeste McLaughlin, Head of Academic Development for Digital Education, IADThe debate about whether we should have our cameras on or off when we're teaching and learning in digital environments…

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Welcome to Edinburgh | MSc Offer Holder Event | 4 August 2022

Welcome to Edinburgh MSc event recording. Hear more about studying and living in Edinburgh. Welcome from the School of Informatics' Head of Student Services Presentation from current Artificial…

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Introduction (Colm Harmon, Lisa Dawson, and Lucy Edwards)

Introductory talks from management leads

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Orientation to Learn Ultra Based Navigation

This summer will see a change to the way staff and students access their content in Learn. Although courses themselves are not changing at this point, the new Ultra Base Navigation provides a lot of…

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Cracking the code for schools in Scotland- coding with Noteable in GLOW

This short talk will outline the progress over the past year to integrate the Noteable coding platform developed by EDINA, the centre for digital expertise and services within the Information…

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