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EndNote for managing references course recording 2023/24

A recording of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "EndNote for managing references" course. This demonstration, using EndNote 21 for Windows, looks at:Adding reference…

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Export Segmentation Mask as .hdf5 file

This video shows how to extract a segmentation mask from Bacmman in hdf5 format (.h5).

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Print Export Settings

Setting your PDF print settings

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Collecting all your design assets by packaging your files in to a single folder to share with printers

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Link Information Pane

OOOOOFT. The big one. Relinking files using your Links and Link Information pane. Checking and amending RGB to CMYK, editing image resolution in Photoshop via Edit With command.

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Canva for Print

Demonstrating how to output for print from Canva

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How to create thumbnails for Media Hopper videos

A step-by-step guide on how to create title slides which can be used as thumbnails for Media Hopper videos.

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How to Copy Items - Learn Ultra

This tutorial shows how to copy items in Learn Ultra.

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Canva walkthrough and workshop

Ann Harrison talks us through the magic of Canva Enterprise and walks through creating an instagram story in the online software.

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Learn Ultra: Creating Learn or Turnitin Assignments

This video demonstrates how to create Learn and Turnitin assignments.

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Learn Ultra: Creating Documents, Folders, Learning Modules and Folders

This video demonstrates how to create folders, learning modules and documents in Learn Ultra.

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HCA Introduction to Blackboard Learn (22 August 2022)

Summer 2022 trainingIntroduction to Blackboard Learn Accessibility and your Learn site: the legislation, University policy, our responsibilities, good practice Preparing for Learn Ultra in 2023 Learn…

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Using Mendeley for bibliography management

This session will provide an overview of Mendeley as a research tool, to organise and manage reference material for research and for writing essays.Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate…

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Introduction to Adobe InDesign - 02.02.22

• PhotoShop & InDesign – Book/ multiple pages • Workspaces, tools and navigation • Guides, rulers and master pages • InDesign workflow & folders • Pages,…

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Sheet Metal Folder Introduction

An introduction to the box pan folder, a machine for folding sheet metal. Presented by Catriona Gilbert.

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Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate, Teams and VLE for OL students

Overview of the main learning technologies online-learning students will encounter.Muireann Crowley (HCA Learning Technology)14 September 2021

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