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Information Services Group Highlights from 2023

This video showcases some of the fantastic work that has been delivered by our wonderful staff throughout 2023.

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Welcome Week Summary 2023

This year's Welcome Week and Start of Term readiness project was one of the most successful to date. This short video summarises Welcome Week in the Mian Library.

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Hybrid Meeting Rooms

This video shows a quick overview using meetings room fitted with new hybrid AV technology.

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How to... Connect to eduroam (UG/PGT/PGR)

This 'How to...' video explains how to easily connect to the University’s secure network eduroam before you arrive on campus. It provides information on how to use the eduroam…

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How to get Information Security Help

Unfortunately there may be times when you need guidance or help with information security issues, or if you experience cybersecurity incidents. This session introduces our team, how we can help, and…

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How to edit Wikipedia and improve representation online

A brief run through of how information is created, curated and disseminated online on Wikipedia, the free & open encyclopedia, and how you can help improve diversity online and the…

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PG How To keep a secure online portfolio of you learning and development at university

Information Services will deliver a session full of tips on how you can make the most of the university-provided online portfolio system (PebblePad), i.e. keeping a personal blog, creating an online…

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How to Get Started with the Learn Virtual Learning Environment

Find out how to access the online learning environment for your course.

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I love LinkedIn Learning because...

In this video, University of Edinburgh staff members and students tell us what they love about LinkedIn Learning. The University provides free access for all students and staff to LinkedIn…

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ISG Festive Video 2019

A look back at some of the highlights across ISG in 2019.

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Project Services ISG Team Annual Review 2018/19

The video reviews the portfolio of programmes and projects completed by the ISG Team in Project Services for the academic year 2018/19.

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ISG Innovation Programme Review

This video takes a look back at 4 years of Information Services Innovation Programme.

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Interview with a Witchfinder General - Emma Carroll on the Map of Accused Witches in Scotland open data project

As part of the Equate Scotland and Careerwise scheme to give Women in STEM students a paid placement in industry, Emma Carroll was employed on a paid internship in Information Services to work with…

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Subtitling for Media Pilot Project: The Student Media Subtitlers

The Student Media Subtitlers' perspective on the Subtitling for Media Pilot Project

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Subtitling for Media Pilot Project

An overview of the Subtitling for Media Pilot Project of the Learning, Web & Teaching division of Information Services.

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Wikimedia in Teaching and Learning - the Wikimedia residency at the University of Edinburgh

The Wikimedia residency at the University of Edinburgh has been shortlisted for the 2019 LILAC Information Literacy Awards. The CILIP Information Literacy Group is proud to offer an award for…

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