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(IAD) - engage: Students' perspectives on the Student Support System

Speakers: Clarissa Yung In this session I will present early findings from my undergraduate dissertation which has investigated student perspectives of how the new Student Support System at the…

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Introduction to Collaborate course recording (February 2023)

Recording of the presentation for the "Introduction to Collaborate" course bookable on People & Money (University login required).This course provides an introduction to Collaborate…

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2023_01_24_Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier_recording_1

Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier First half of the session

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MSc in Digital Education: Cohorts

A short video on the role of cohorts on the programme for new students starting.

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PGCAP Block 2 Class recording 9.30-10.15 Welcome session

PGCAP block 2 class recording 9.30-10.15 Welcome session

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Design Community Archive: EFI REBRAND

Recorded live in December 2021: Presentation and discussion of the Edinburgh Futures Institute rebrand. Collaboration between external agencies and inhouse designer and comms team. Starring Siobhan…

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Data literacy for beginners (updated 2022-2023)

Data Literacy for beginners is a one-hour webinar designed to introduce staff and students to the concepts first published in a popular statistics pamphlet, entitled How To Lie with Statistics, by…

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engage: Engaging students in digital learning environments: cameras on or off?

Celeste McLaughlin, Head of Academic Development for Digital Education, IADThe debate about whether we should have our cameras on or off when we're teaching and learning in digital environments…

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HCA Learning Technology: Blackboard Collaborate training (25 August 2022)

This training session covered the following: adding the Blackboard Collaborate tool to a Learn site scheduling a session accessing the Course Room changing the session settings sharing content using…

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engage - Is sociable curiosity the most important graduate attribute? 23/06/22

This session is an opportunity to discuss links between three crucial features of a healthy university: curiosity, sociability, and wellbeing. · Curiosity: Are we doing the best we can…

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engage - effective student engagement strategies 20/04/22

Presented by Ellen MacRae, President Edinburgh University Students’ Association and Tara Gold Vice President, Education, Edinburgh University Students’ Association

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The Being and Becoming of Rhizomatic Digital Humanities in Majority Worlds

Dr. Dibyadyuti Roy - The Being and Becoming of Rhizomatic Digital Humanities in Majority Worlds AbstractNormative Digital Humanities conversations continue to elide that the being and becoming of DH…

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Higgs Chat with Henriette Elvang

Find out about Henriette's path into science, asking questions, being overwhelmed by University to start with and why Physics suited her better than Maths. Join us for the HIggs Colloquium on…

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Higgs Chat with Larus Thorlacius

Higgs Chat with Colloquium Speaker Larus Thorlacius (University of Iceland). Find out about the favourite times of his career (it may or may not involve basketball), the different academic cultures…

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Higgs Chat with Jessica Turner (Durham)

Ahead of the Higgs Centre Colloquium, hear Jessica Turner talk about the beauty of Mathematics, how she became a scientist and some advice to students that she wishes she had gotten (hint: don't…

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Tarik Aougab - Wednesday 26 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopEthics and anti-racism syllabi for mathematics…

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