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2023_01_24_Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier_recording 2

Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier_recording 2 Second Half of the session

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Introduction to SAGE Research Methods (Dissertation Festival)

This is a recording of an online presentation, delivered on 3rd November 2022 as part of the Library's Dissertation Festival. The session was presented by Claire Deakin (SAGE Library Training…

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EndNote for managing references course recording 2022/23

A recording of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "EndNote for managing references" course. This demonstration, using EndNote 20 for Windows, looks at:Adding reference…

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MSc in Digital Education - Finding information for study and research (October 2022)

The overall aim of this presentation is to look at some of the resources available from the Library to help you find information for literature reviews, focusing specifically on databases and sources…

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LLC MSc Research Methods _ using the Library

For a copy of the slides with embedded web links, please click the Attachments tab. This presentation provides an overview of the Library facilities, services and the resources relevant to LLC…

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Live conversation, Dissertation-20220915_183021-Meeting Recording

Dissertation live conversation recording 15/09/2022

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HCP Med Effective Literature Searching

Searching the health research literature for high quality studies

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Bulk data item creation using OpenRefine - tutorial by Maggie Lin

Bulk data item creation using OpenRefine - tutorial by Maggie Lin. OpenRefineOpenRefine ( is an open-source desktop application for data cleanup and transformation to other formats,…

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Market research databases: introduction and access

The Library and Business School subscribe to databases which provide market research reports and industry profiles. Watch this video to find out the market research databases available, the content…

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Welcome to the Library, Part 2: Literature searching

This is the second of a 2-part introduction to the University Library for students doing the PgCert Advanced Social Work Studies - Mental Health Officer (MHO) Award, 2022-23. This session covers…

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DENS Protocol Training V5.0

Protocol Version 5.0 Training slides

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Technologies for Peace Building - Dr. Devanjan Bhattacharya

Technologies for Peace Building - Dr. Devanjan Bhattacharya

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RESULT_HIP Study Procedures_Data Collection_13May2022 with commentary.mp4

A guide to study procesures and data collection for the RESULT-HIP trial.

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ACCORD Update Event 1 (Part 2): Research Transparency

Marise Bucukoglu (Head of Research Governance, UoE) and Heather Charles (Head of Research Governance, NHS Lothian) discuss the national and local work ongoing around research transparency in health…

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Justin Rice interview 2

2nd part of interview with Justin Rice on philosophical implications of cryptocurrency.

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Patents literature - introduction to finding and accessing patents literature

An introductory talk to finding and accessing patents literature, this provides a brief overview of patents, search tools for finding patents and prior art as well as pointing to further sources of…

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