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Albert Cohen - Google Research, Distinguished Lecturer, February 2023

As part of the 60 years of computer science and AI celebration a collection of distinguished researchers from both disciplines have been invited to visit the School of Informatics. We have asked the…

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Integral Points of Bounded Height on a Certain Toric Variety - Florian Wilsch

Rational Points on Higher-Dimensional Varieties Integral Points on Bounded Height on a Certain Toric Variety Florian Wilsch (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) 25 April 2022

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Data Citizens and the Right to Data

Prof Jennifer Gabrys (University of Cambridge) presents her work on citizen sensing and the data rights issues it raises. Environmental sensors are meant to activate particular forms of data-oriented…

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CogSci Lecture 2 part 1

Introduction to Cognitive Science lecture 2 part 1 2021-22 Jia Loy Computation in cognitive science

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(UG and PG) How-To: connect to eduroam

This how-to video explains how to easily connect to the University’s secure network eduroam before you arrive on campus. It provides information on how to use the eduroam Connection App, and…

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Identifying Painlevé equations related to orthogonal polynomials: the geometric approach - Alexander Stokes

OPSFOTA online seminar series Alexander Stokes (University College London – University of Warsaw) Identifying Painlevé equations related to orthogonal polynomials: the geometric…

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Professor Joel Mtebe 'Digital teaching and learning at the University of Dar es Salaam before and during the ongoing CoVID-19 pandemic: institutional memory, divides, opportunities, and future directions for HE'

Professor Joel Mtebe, University of Dar es Salaam, Dr Michael Gallagher (Chair)This seminar took place on 19th May 2021AbstractIn this seminar, Professor Joel Mtebe from the University of Dar es…

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Acoustic Detection Networks

UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing in the Underwater Environment by Jeff Neasham, Newcastle University

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School of Engineering - Control and Instrumentation 3 - Remote Laboratories Introduction

Prof Tim Drysdale introduces the remote laboratories you will be using on this course, showing you the stacks of experiment boxes, what's inside them, how to access them via the browser, and…

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AVLSI Troubleshoot 4 - Single Monte Carlo DC Operating Point

How to annotate the DC operating point of a single Monte Carlo run in Cadence Virtuoso

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Physical Activity, Data and the Pandemic

What data tells us about the importance of physical activity during the pandemic -for you and your learners

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AVLSI Demo 4 - Calculator Basics and Creating DCOP Expression

Basics of using the Cadence Virtuoso calculator and adding DCOP expressions to the ADE output

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AVLSI Troubleshoot 2 - Clearing SOAC Warnings For Faster Simulation

How to clear SOAC warnings for faster transient simulation

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Topic 3: Societal Impact of Signal Processing (SNADA, Chapter 1)

This topic primarily discusses the societal impact of Information Theory, Signal Processing, Communication Theory, and Machine learning, by considering some particular application areas, especially…

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Optional Topic 6: What is Signal Processing? (SNADA, Chapter 2).

This video explains the role of signal processing in powering modern communications, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare systems, in addition to numerous industrial and defence…

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The Sustainability of Safety, Security and Privacy | Professor Ross Anderson | Distinguished Lecture | School of Informatics

Recording of Research and the “AI Revolution” - a School of Informatics Distinguished Lecture presented by Professor Christopher Bishop on 5 October 2020. Ross Anderson is Professor of…

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