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A New Open GLAM Program at Creative Commons

SpeakersBrigitte Vezina AbstractGLAMs’ public interest mission is squarely aligned with the open access ethos. Indeed, making their collections as openly accessible, shareable, and reusable as…

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Creative Commons license stewardship: 20 years and beyond.

SpeakersSarah Pearson Kat Walsh AbstractThe Creative Commons licenses have just reached their 20th birthday. Now on Version 4.0, the CC licenses are some of the most widely-used licenses for free…

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Media Hopper Create trailer

Learning & Discovery channel: Outside the Classroom channel: Wellbeing channel: Remote Media Creation assistance:…

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My book

Video of my homemade colouring book

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Postgraduate Virtual Open Day - an Introduction to Creative Writing (MSc)

Catch up on a recording of the 'Introduction to our taught programme in Creative Writing’ given by Dr Jane Alexander during Postgraduate Virtual Open Day in November 2020. The session…

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How to openly license and share videos on Media Hopper Create

Short video running through the steps required to licence, publish, and allow re-use of videos on Media Hopper Create. More information on the licensing options can be found on an additional video…

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Using the Library for creative dissertations : digital resources in art, music and drama

Are you planning your dissertation in a creative subject? Find out more about the rich range of digital library resources available to you in the visual arts, music and drama. Led by the Academic…

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Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges

An Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) Undergraduate 1st Semester, 1st Year On-Line Elective Course. Focusing on the current COVID-19 pandemic from a multidisciplinary perspective. Suitable for all…

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Culture, capital, and social inequality Part 2

Hiring as cultural matching, omnivourous and eclectic taste, and workers experiences

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Part 4: cultural capital, gender and race

A brief concluding discussion of cultural capital, and the impact of race and gender on cultural workers' experiences in their careers

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Part 3- attitudes, values, and unpaid work

Data and discussion of the Panic! survey, along with British Social Attitudes

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Part 2: cultural production and the creative workforce

A discussion of the labour force in cultural occupations

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LEAPS Creative Extras 2019

A snapshot of the 2019 LEAPS Creative Extras art and design programme.

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Cooking with Science: 50 shades of textures

Cooking with Science: 50 shades of textures: video highlights from the 2019 Festival of Creative Learning event.

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Wikimania 2019: Public Domain Awareness Project

Public Domain Awareness Project: enhancing use of CC’s Public Domain tools to serve the needs of GLAM institutions and reusers

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Where open and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) converge

Ryan Merkley CEO, Creative Commons How a radically open approach will let us move more quickly, with greater innovation, towards a more equitable result.

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