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How to... Connect to eduroam (UG/PGT/PGR)

This 'How to...' video explains how to easily connect to the University’s secure network eduroam before you arrive on campus. It provides information on how to use the eduroam…

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MSc ClinEd Assessment Course - Quality and Standard Setting

Quality and Standard Setting lecture on the MSc Clinical Education

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Part 6 Additional websites to help you in project design- October 4th 2020, 11:00:06 am

Part 6 Scottish Education in a Nutshell - websites with additional material

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Economic Democracy Block5 v3: Interview with Panu Kalmi

Welcome to Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative, our MOOC about worker-owned and worker-controlled firms. We often hear that political democracy is the best available form of…

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Role of Denominator in Naive Bayes

Role of Denominator in Naive Bayes

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