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#EdCreativeCareers: Screen Industry Career Insights

Careers in the screen industries cover many different creative areas. From Film and TV, to VFX, animation and games, there’s a multitude of roles available to suit a wider range of skill sets…

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[22/23] AI & Storytelling - Invited Lecture: Computer Vision and applications for Storytelling

Dr. Hakan Bilen [], of the School of Informatics, gives an invited talk on Recent Advances in Creative Computer Vision.

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Beyond the Books - Series 2: Episode 7 - Peter Davies

Beyond the Books is a podcast from the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at research and the people who make it happen. In this episode, host…

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Week 5 Identity , Attention and Platform Business

Internet and Society 2022

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engage: Engaging students in digital learning environments: cameras on or off?

Celeste McLaughlin, Head of Academic Development for Digital Education, IADThe debate about whether we should have our cameras on or off when we're teaching and learning in digital environments…

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How to reference and avoid plagiarism

This session is an overview of how to reference and avoid plagiarism. It covers when to use a citation, what to put in your reference list, tools available to help you create references and recording…

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Student Societies: Presentations from our Students

Our School of Informatics Student Ambassador, Ammir Barakat, talks about their experience with student societies at the University of Edinburgh. Includes presentations by representatives of CompSoc,…

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Lecture on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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BHoM 2022 - Aris Winger

Wednesday 05 October 2022 Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022 Aris Winger, Georgia Gwinnett College - The Need for Black Role Models and Representation in Mathematics

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PhD Sources, Materials and Bibliographies Sept 22

Recording of live introduction to the library session for PhD students in the School of Law. By the end of this session, you should be able to understand the research process, find library material…

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PG Using the University Library Sept 22

Using the University Library: for postgraduate students By the end of this session, you should be able to:•Understand what resources the library can offer to help you with your studies•Find…

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Using Legal Databases Sept 2022

Introductory session on how to use legal databases (Westlaw, Lexis+ and HeinOnline). By the end of this session, you should be able to: select the appropriate database for your needs, and recognise…

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What is a Wicked Problem (Edited)

An introductory video about wicked problems for the Education for a Challenging Future Course in EFI.

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Paddy Corscadden - "Student Wellbeing Service Awareness"

CSE Cohort Leads 2

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Chris Mowat - "Student Support Model and Q&A"

CSE Cohort Lead Training Day - July 2022 Chris Mowat - Student Support Model and Q&A

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Rayya Ghul - "Groups"

CSE Cohort Lead Training Day - July 2022 Rayya Ghul - "Groups"

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