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Student Life Q&A | Offer Holder Session

Originally recorded as part of the School of Informatics online offer holder sessions on student life, 14 April 2022.

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Student Perspective: Why Study Informatics in Edinburgh

3rd year Computer Science student, Sraddheya, discusses her top reasons for studying Informatics at Edinburgh. Originally recorded as part of the School of Informatics online offer holder sessions…

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Why 'Informatics', not just 'Computer Science'?

Why do we call ourselves the School of Informatics rather than the School of Computer Science? Our Director of Learning and Teaching expands on how Informatics is an exciting and multi-disciplinary…

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Research Insights: research is for everyone

For the final event of the series, it's over to you! Our audience told us what they'd like to hear about in this final event of the series. Two topics came up most often: genetics and…

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Introducing the Civil and Environmental Engineering programmes

Dr David Rush, Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering, introduces the Civil and Environmental Engineering undergraduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about our…

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A Week in the Life of an Informatics Student - Sraddheya

Computer Science student, Sraddheya, tells us about a typical week in semester 1 of 1st year in the School of Informatics.

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Stuart Anderson - Data, ML and AI

Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Technical interviews and coding interviews - what to expect and how to prepare

Amy Vitoria - Talent Recruitment, Ovo Group, Keir Lawson - Software Engineer, Kaluza (an OVO company), Fiona Young – Software Engineer, Kaluza (an OVO company) and Susan Bird - Careers Service …

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How-to develop your study skills

There are many different skills which will help you study effectively at university, this session offers an introduction to these.

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How-to get the most out of your Student Association

Join your Students' Association for an overview of everything we offer, from societies and student groups, to advice and support, and find out how to get the most out of student life at the…

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How-to travel around Edinburgh

This session will help students understand their transport options for getting around Edinburgh. We will talk about using the city’s bus & tram network, options for getting a bike, and…

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Research Insights | Traveller genes: genetics & ancestry

How do genes vary across populations and why is this important for understanding our health and the risk of diseases? In early 2021 a group of Scottish Travellers asked Professor Jim Wilson a…

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Presentation for applicants from Cyprus - December 2021

Doug Thompson, International Recruitment Manager - Europe, provides an introduction to the University discussing the University's renowned research environment, diverse global community as well…

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LEL2A: Week 9, Lecture 14, and careers talk.

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Careers for a Sustainable Future 2021: Getting work experience in Scotland

Kickstart your career in the environmental sector with the Bright Green Business Environmental Placement Programme (EPP). This is their flagship programme, unique to Scotland and attracting some of…

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Finding Academic Literature (PGR) - CAHSS_211104

Finding academic literature

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