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Dr Ian McNicoll - openEHR in evolution

MSc Leading Digital Transformation

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#research UK waning of first and second-dose Oxford-AstraZeneca & Pfizer BioNTech #covid19 #vaccine

#research recently published from the DaC-VaP-2 project in the International Journal of Epidemiology provides further strong evidence for the waning of first and second doses of the…

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The role of the NHS AI Lab

Speaker: Eleonora Harwich, Head of Collaborations, NHS AI Lab| NHSX In this session, the speaker will explore the progress made in the UK in terms of the adoption of artificial intelligence in…

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Research Insights | Traveller genes: genetics & ancestry

How do genes vary across populations and why is this important for understanding our health and the risk of diseases? In early 2021 a group of Scottish Travellers asked Professor Jim Wilson a…

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Mark Briers Presentation - SSPD 2021

Presented at the Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference (SSPD) 2021Presentation: "Optimising and Understanding the Impact of the NHS COVID-19 app Using Data Science" Speaker: Mark…

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Same questions, different answers? A view of mental health law from England & Wales -Alex Ruck Keene

The Mason Institute Lunchtime Seminar Series presents: Same questions, different answers? A view of mental health law from England & Wales Alex Ruck Keene is an experienced barrister,…

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Red Squirrel Conservation in a Mathematical Nutshell with Andy White

This was a Maths Week Scotland 2021 Public Lecture Professor Andy White (Heriot-Watt) – whose research is focussed on applying mathematics to understand and manage wildlife systems –…

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John Kitchen plays George Frideric Handel, Allegro in D minor.

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Football: More Than A Game

Explore the role of football in the world today - including finances, clubs, nations and rivalries - with this free short online course. Join us as we go behind the scenes to examine why football is…

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Statistics in COVID-19: Katie Allison (COVID Public Health Directorate)

Katie Allison (COVID Public Health Directorate): COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS) in Scotland. The CfS Research Day gathered together experts in the analysis of Covid-19 data to discuss current…

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Webinars Feb 21 - Grandparents interview

Grandparents interviewed at Lorna Willow's nurseries

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'Profiling Tax Scammers' 12th November 2020

Ntaniella Roumpini Pylarinou, University of Huddersfield Fraud has been always a financial burden for governments, while victims of fraud suffer financial and psychological consequences to the…

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Research in the Pandemic - Providing a Genomics Platform for Covid Research

Lee Murphy, the Head of the Genetics Core, Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, discusses the work of the Genetics Core during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the way the Core adapted their work…

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I Wish You Are Here – Mathematics & Mathematicians From History

This talk has closed captions. To turn the captions off, press CC on the bottom toolbar. In this Public Lecture, Snezana Lawrence discussed the questions: 'What is it that mathematicians…

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The Great Crane Project

Hokkaido Conference

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Explaining the management (treatment) train

Explaining the management (treatment) train 31 August 2020 Filmed by Neil Stuart. Edited by Eduardo Serafin Kate Heal, Professor of Catchment Geochemistry, School of GeosciencesUniversity of…

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