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Research Insights: too much blood - when periods are a problem

In her work as a gynacologist, Dr Jackie Maybin helps people whose menstrual bleeding is so heavy it affects their daily lives. In the lab she tries to understand what causes this heavy bleeding and…

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Stefan Weinzierl Lecture 5

Higgs Centre School

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You’ve probably heard of instrument tuning, but what is involved, and why and how do we do it?

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How Can We Adapt?

climate change solutions

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History of Western Medicine STIS08009

History of Western Medicine is a free-standing, 20-credit, level 1 half course run by the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies subject group of the School of Social and Political Sciences. It…

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Introduction to Geomagnetism Lecture 3 (Lecture 19 of Introduction to Geophysics)

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4.8 - Summary Block 4 and way forward

Mitigating Climate Change - Carbon Capture Storage

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