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engage - How do students define and relate to the curriculum? Findings from a recent study at the University of Edinburgh

Presented by:Emma Taylor, PhD Intern, Institute for Academic Development, One Pusamane, PhD candidate, African Studies; Ian Glen, Curriculum Transformation Partner, Catherine Bovill, Senior Lecturer…

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The definitions of "Quality"

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Lecture 1 Part 3 Kaltura Capture recording - September 10th 2020, 2:59:52 pm

Lecture 1 part 3

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Lecture 2 Part 1

Lecture 2 Part 1: Introduction to minimal groups paradigm

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Lecture 1 Part 2

Lecture 1 Part 2: Social identity theory

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Topic 14: Axiomatic Definition of Probability (PETARS, Chapter 3)

The Kolmogorov axioms are the foundations of probability theory introduced by Andrey Kolmogorov in 1933. Using these axioms, this video shows how many other familiar results can be derived from these…

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NTS Sim PPT Presentation

This is a guided PPT video for the Simulation Methodology unit which is part of the Masters of Clinical Education programme. In this session, Ed Mellanby explores the concepts of non technical skills…

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