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Finding out about Masters funding options (Home student)

Recording from a session at the Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, November 2023.

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WHO: Dorit Nitzan on Compassion and Touching the Values of Society

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on women who have played an extraordinary role globally, in their countries or in their communities. For this short series women working at WHO…

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Recording Inaugural Lecture Videos

Following feedback from teams around CAHSS, this session aims to troubleshoot common challenges faced in producing inaugural lectures videos by drawing from the experiences of others in the…

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Blogging: adding a new post

A short video on adding new posts to blogs for the Foundations for All programme running in Uganda in 2021.

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How to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut

A very simple explanation of how to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut - a free video editing tool. DIY FILM SCHOOL:…

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6. Summary

Part 6 of the Practical Project Management for Students playlist. - Summary - Suggestions for further watching

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Workshop: Situating & Doing Digital Methods

This practical workshop led by Prof. Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam) historicises and theorises digital methods, situating them as a part of the computational turn in internet-related…

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New Text Editor - Copying from Word

A new text editor is on its way to Learn, and will be available on the 5th of November 2020. It has an updated look and feel which will be demonstrated in this video.

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WEEK 3 Session 5 YouTube

Session 5

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Kaltura Capture recording - October 7th 2020, 8:01:50 am

Lecture recording on collecting verbal mediated data for discursive psychology

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Let's Talk Episode 14

Holly McConnell is a 2nd year PE undergraduate, who began university at the age of 16, and in lockdown is combining university work with supporting her parents, who are both profoundly deaf.…

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PAW2020-Isaac Shaw-Bright Club intro

Bright Club Intro from Isaac Shaw for the Postdoc Awareness Week 2020

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Lecture 2 Part 1

Lecture 2 Part 1: Introduction to minimal groups paradigm

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The oldest human footprints in Europe | Natural History Museum

A series of footprints that were left by early humans around 900,000 years ago have been discovered by a team of scientists led by the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Queen Mary University…

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Close of MCQMC 20202 Conference, Mike Giles (University of Oxford)

Mike Giles, University of Oxford

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Welcome by Mile Giles (MCQMC 2020, 11.08.20)

Welcome by Mile Giles

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