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Rethinking Embryonic Germ Layers

Val Wilson and Elena Tzouanacou discuss their interests in mammalian cell lineages and how they came to identify one such lineage that violates a strict assumption of germ-layer segregation, as…

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Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Infertility

This talk will first describe the path of Dr Alexandra Boussommier from being a researcher to an entrepreneur. We will then discuss ImVitro, the company she founded in 2019 that aims at using AI to…

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Regulating the Embryo

Liminal Spaces was a six-year Wellcome-funded project at Edinburgh Law School, which scrutinised regulatory systems that support human health research. The vision of the project was to deliver the…

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Ancient Lecture 10.1

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General Council | February 2009 | Professor Sir Ian Wilmut

Professor Sir Ian Wilmut FRS, FMedSci, FRSE, Director of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Professor Ian Wilmut was previously Head of the Department of Gene…

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1e Other topics in part 1

The Green Planet 2 Blackford Hill Field Trip- 1e Other topics in part 1

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