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Rethinking Embryonic Germ Layers

Val Wilson and Elena Tzouanacou discuss their interests in mammalian cell lineages and how they came to identify one such lineage that violates a strict assumption of germ-layer segregation, as…

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LAGOON: Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

Subtitles will be added soon. Thursday 25 November 2021 Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia) A topological characterization of the Kashiwara-Vergne groups

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Topic 2: How to Study using the Course Materials (SNADA, Chapter 1)

This video welcomes students to the SNADA course, and shows the best way of using the teaching materials to study this course in hybrid teaching mode. The materials available range from handouts and…

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Topic 4: Mathematical Prerequisites for the SNADA course (SNADA, Chapter 1)

This topic motivates the need for using mathematical analysis in this course on sensor network and data analysis course, emphasising that relying on pre-existing software solution is…

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Fiona Torzewska (Univeristy of Leeds) Mapping class groupoids and motion groupoids

Fiona Torzewska (Univeristy of Leeds) : Mapping class groupoids and motion groupoidsA topological phase of matter is a physical system whose behaviour may be effectively described via a topological…

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Role of the skeleton

Skeletal functions, adaptations to bipedal locomotion

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Body in Motion - Week 10 intro

Welcome to week 10 of the Body in Motion module, 'The ageing skeleton'

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Coral Calcification

A description of the mechanisms by which corals calcify

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