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D6. Lung cancer_part II

Prof. William Wallace

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Edinburgh Children's Clinical Research Facility virtual tour

A virtual tour of the Edinburgh Children's Clinical Research Facility.

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Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

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Introducing the Student Counselling Service (Ronnie Millar)

An overview of the Student Counselling Service (SCS) for staff providing support to students.

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ACCORD Update Event 2: Clinical Trials Involving Advanced Therapies

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are an exciting new class of medicine, however, delivering these within clinical trials has its own unique challenges and considerations. This session will…

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A model for academic-industry partnerships to deliver clinical AI solutions that are fit for purpose

Speaker:Carlo Tacchetti, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Abstract: A correct assessment of patients’ diagnostic, prognostic, and therapy response to standard of care treatments,…

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Structure and function of lower urinary tract_2021_Part 3

MBChB year 2 Renal module

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Episode 3 - Lana Zholudeva and Michael Lane

In this episode of the NECTAR 2021 podcast, Lana Zholudeva, a Postdoctoral Scholar at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco and Michael Lane, an associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology…

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Episode 2 - Tilo Kunath

In this episode of the NECTAR 2021 podcast, Tilo Kunath, Reader in Regenerative Neurobiology and host of this year’s NECTAR 2021 conference talks about his research journey from developmental…

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Episode 1 - Anders Björklund and Stephen Dunnett

NECTAR 2021 conference podcast

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Tom Gillingwater June 2021 Baby Arthur SMA

Prof Tom Gillingwater comments on the 'Baby Arthur' gene therapy for SMA news story, June 2021

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CNR - Induction

CNR 2022 - Anaesthesia - induction Warning: This video may contain footage of surgery, trauma, or disease. The videos were all opportunistically filmed in collaboration with animal welfare…

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D6. Lung cancer_part II

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Mason Institute 3rd Annual Anniversary - 18th June 2015

The Mason Institute celebrated its 3rd anniversary on Thursday, 18 June 2015 at Surgeons’ Hall in Edinburgh. The theme of this year’s event was “Can We Speculate to Regenerate?…

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Innovation (Re)Generation: Exploring Regenerative Medicine

Over recent years, considerable interest has been developing in regard to therapies that have become and may become available based on what is known as ‘regenerative medicine’ (RM).…

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DP, IPA and FDA 'In Conversation'

This is the final session for RMS3, Week 11 in which Cristina, Billy and Sue discuss and compare DP, IPA and FDA.

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