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SR course 8b - What is narrative synthesis

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SR course 8a - Deciding on synthesis method

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SR course 4.4 - What are the results of the review?

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Andrew Krause, Durham University

This recording is in the process of being subtitled. We aim to have edited captions available within 2 weeks of publishing.Title: Recent Progress and Open Challenges in Turing-type…

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UNCOVER Workshop: Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis

Meta-analysis is the secondary analysis of quantitative data from multiple comparable studies, with the aim of getting a clearer understanding of observable effects. This workshop will introduce…

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Xuan Leng EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Xuan Leng Talk Title: Extreme Conditional Quantiles for Panel Data Model with Individual Effects and…

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UK-APASI in Mathematical Sciences: Istvan Z. Kiss

Subtitles will be added soon. Wednesday 24 February 2021 UK-APASI in Mathematical Sciences Istvan Z. Kiss, University of Sussex - Exact and approximate epidemic models on networks

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