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SR course 8b - What is narrative synthesis

sr course

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SR course 7.2 - Judging the quality of included studies - quality and risk of bias assessment

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Epi course 3.7 - Quasi-experimental studies

Quasi-experimental studies

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Epi course 1.5 - History - Recap

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Epi course 3 - Taxonomy

Epi course

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SR course 4.3 - Is this systematic review well conducted?

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SR course 5.3f - Using filters to limit your search

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 1

An introduction to using mixed methods in psychological research.

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What is IP?

In this video, Richard Curtin (IP & Patent Manager) gives an overview of Intellectual Property. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning programme is designed to give you the…

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Accessibility tools for digital design - Digital Skills Festival

This webinar is presented by Emily Fraser, Design Director at 8 Million Stories, an Edinburgh based digital agency. This short presentation will cover the basics of accessibility in digital design as…

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Has the Violin Changed?

The violin has been around for almost 500 years, yet seems to have changed very little – or has it? Explore some of the alternative violins that have been made and discover why they were…

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Type Bites: Typeface

Type Bites is a series of short films introducing some of the practicalities of letterpress printing and the facilities we have available at Edinburgh College of Art. This one looks at Typeface…

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Week 2 - Design and Build 2021

Week 2 of Semester - Week 1 of the Design, Build, and Redesign group project. Very short summary of the brief - a lot more detail is involved and available in the pdf brief documentation.

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TED2 Intro Presentation 2020

Tools for engineering design 2 introduction video - outlining the reason for the course, the course structure and overview, and the weekly rhythms of the course.

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TED2 Week 1 Activities

Description of Pictionary and the MacGyver Challenge activities for week 1 in Tools for Engineering Design

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T-Shaped people

Tools For Engineering Design 2 video regarding T-Shaped People

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