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How to... Make connections with Platform One (UG/PGT/PGR)

This session will introduce you to Platform One, the University's online community, and show you how you can use it to make connections and get advice from all kinds of people during your…

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Dr. Mengwei Sun - UDRC Research Video 2023

Mengwei is a Research Associate at the Institute of Digital Communication, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK from Apr. 2019, working with Dr. James. R. Hopgood. Before…

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SR course 5.3f - Using filters to limit your search

SR course

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Mengwei Sun Presentation - SSPD 2021

Presented at the Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference (SSPD) 2021Presentation: "Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter" Speaker: Mengwei Sun, University of Edinburgh. Collaborators: Mike…

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How to use Listeria (Part 1)

How to use Listeria, part 1 of 5.

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Self-Interference Cancellation for Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Systems

UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing in the Underwater Environment by Lu Shen

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Topic 44: Under-sampling and Practical Data Systems (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic considers the concept of aliasing, which is signal distortion due to the spectral overlap of the spectral images that result from the sampling process. This Topic discusses the…

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ASR Lecture 2

ASR Lecture 2: Speech signal analysis (1)

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