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Christian Rohrbeck EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Christian Rohrbeck Talk Title: Simulating flood event sets using extremal principal components Abstract:…

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How do we grade work in the School of Engineering

Professor Ingram talks about the grading system used in UK University and at the University of Edinburgh. He also compares it with the grading systems used in the USA and in China. He talks briefly…

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Week6 Group2 recording

Recording of Week 6 (group 2) session, 15:00 GMT

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Week 6 Group 1 recording

Recording of week 6 (group 1) session, 09:00 am GMT

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Topic 44: Under-sampling and Practical Data Systems (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic considers the concept of aliasing, which is signal distortion due to the spectral overlap of the spectral images that result from the sampling process. This Topic discusses the…

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Topic 43: Perfect Sampling, Derivation of Sampling Theorem, and Adequate Sampling (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic begins by discussing the mathematical model of perfect sampling, namely multiplying the signal (that is to be sampled) by an impulse train. Using this model, the Topic discusses how to…

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MSc ClinEd Assessment Course - Quality and Standard Setting

Quality and Standard Setting lecture on the MSc Clinical Education

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Educated Pass

The University has pioneered the Educated Pass project which helps teenage boys think about how the school curriculum is relevant to them, and how pursuing their studies could help them achieve a…

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