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From practice to policy: how open research is changing research culture in cultural heritage - Jill Dye, Andrea Cop

The role of the museum (to preserve, interpret and make accessible collections and heritage) means that open access, in the broadest sense, has always been part of our purpose. Organisational…

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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sotirios Tsaftaris, Chair in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

The pixel takes it all We are fascinated by how our brain interprets what we see. Emulation of our brain's ability to process visual signals has in turn inspired modern digital engines that…

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Creating composite images in Bacmman

Video tutorial on how to create composite images between different channels in Bacmman

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Producing a thesis or dissertation using Word - part 2 (Windows)

A recording of the second demonstration of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "Producing a thesis or dissertation using Word" course. This demonstration, using Word 2021 for…

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Images of the Prophet Muhammad in Rashīd al-Dīn's Jāmiʿ al-tawārīkh (Or MS 20)

Rashid al-Din’s Jami‘ al-Tawarikh (Compendium of Chronicles) is considered the first universal history ever written. Edinburgh University's Heritage Collections preserves an…

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AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University - Part 2: Painting Stories

AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University, January 29th 2024 - Part 2: Painting Stories

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Using PowerPoint to create an academic poster

This event aligns with the Digital creation, problem-solving and innovation competency on the University's Digital Skills Framework. The event is suitable for all students who want to learn how…

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CDCS Annual Lecture 2023: Mary Flanagan "How to See What's Missing"

Mary Flanagan - "How to See What's Missing" Abstract In "How to See What's Missing", artist and scholar Mary Flanagan discusses the investigation of artificial…

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2.1.4 - Adding an Image content block [EdWeb 2 OC]

In this short video, you'll learn how to upload and insert an image to a web page in EdWeb 2. This video accompanies the EdWeb 2: 5 things to get started with EdWeb 2 online course.

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Using Bulk Create in Canva (Pro or Teams)

A 5 minute quick overview on using the Bulk Create functionality in Canva.

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Collecting all your design assets by packaging your files in to a single folder to share with printers

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Link Information Pane

OOOOOFT. The big one. Relinking files using your Links and Link Information pane. Checking and amending RGB to CMYK, editing image resolution in Photoshop via Edit With command.

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Canva for Print

Demonstrating how to output for print from Canva

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Copyright and Social Media (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

Date of recording update: 13 March 2024 Presenter: Eugen Stoica This Copyright and Social Media session is well-suited for those who require a basic understanding of copyright law and licensing…

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MSc in Digital Education: Using WordPress on your mobile device

A brief tutorial for the MSc in Digital Education on how to use WordPress on your mobile phone for your assessed work or as a learning journal.

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Machine learning - the basics

Machine learning (ML) is an umbrella term for solving problems for which development of algorithms by human programmers would be cost-prohibitive, and instead the problems are solved by helping…

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