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I Wish You Are Here – Mathematics & Mathematicians From History

This talk has closed captions. To turn the captions off, press CC on the bottom toolbar. In this Public Lecture, Snezana Lawrence discussed the questions: 'What is it that mathematicians…

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Disorders of the Upper GI tract part 2

MBChB year 2, Nutrition & Digestion module

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Porous paving pt2 - maintenance issues

Porous paving pt2 - maintenance issues 31 August 2020 Filmed by Neil Stuart. Edited by Eduardo Serafin Kate Heal, Professor of Catchment Geochemistry, School of GeosciencesUniversity of…

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Professor Jin Ooi: Particulate Solid Mechanics

Professor Jin Ooi talks about Particulate Solid Mechanics and his research in this field Further information:

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Tina Düren: Nanoporous solids

In this video Tina describes how her team use molecular simulation to understand adsorption and diffusion in nanoporous solids. The molecular level insight we gain complements experimental…

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