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learnGAM: GAMMs workshop for LEL (2023)

learnGAM workshop, held on 18 May 2023 for LEL. For info and materials, see

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IDS - Week 06 - 06 - Functions

Functions in R

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R Conversations: Demystifying ggplot

In this video I go over a basic introduction to ggplot2 for the R programming language. Some useful resources include: The R Cookbook: The ggplot2 cheatsheet:…

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R Conversations: R Studio Online

A quick introduction to R Studio (Posit Cloud) Online 00:20 - Logging In01:44 - Posit Cloud Interface02:00 - Your Workspace02:17 - Creating a New Project03:45 - Saving Projects04:26 - Opening Files…

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An Instructor's guide to Media Hopper Replay: Viewing course and student analytics

This short video tutorial shows you how to view analytics for your course within Media Hopper Replay, such as views, questions asked, notes taken and student engagement. You can view Media Hopper…

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