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tidyqpcr - Sam Haynes

Software is intended to be a tool used to complete tasks efficiently. However, the intent is not always matched by the execution as users may become frustrated with design idiosyncrasies or…

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Q&A - where should we be at now and how do we separate the parts?

Mechanical Engineering Discipline Course: Sustainable Energy Design Project 3 Lecture: Q&A video response

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FDS-S2-05-1-3 Data and code management

We discuss the differing management requirements of data and code.

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FDS-S2-05-1-1 Reproducible research

We discuss reproducible research, the motivation for aspects of software engineering practices in data science.

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Undergraduate How-to Take Care of Yourself

How-to Take Care of Yourself

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IDS - Week 08 - 03 - Fitting and interpreting models

Fitting and interpreting models with numerical and categorical predictors.

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Introduction to data science

Collaborate Ultra recording of the one-hour webinar Introduction to data science. and

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IDS - Week 03 - 03 - Grammar of data wrangling

A grammar of data wrangling with dplyr and an official welcome to the pipe operator

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IDS - Week 01 - 05 - Meet the toolkit: Programming

Introduction to the programming toolkit of the course: R RStudio tidyverse R Markdown

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INFD11016: Lecture 3; Video 5 of 5

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INFD11016: Lecture 3; Video 3 of 5

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Conclusion (video 1)

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Teaching R online with RStudio Cloud

The first workshop in our 'Teaching Statistics and Data Science Online' series, presented by Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel and Dr. Colin Rundel. RStudio Cloud is a lightweight and easy…

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Importing CSV Files

Importing CSV Files

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Importing Excel files

Importing Excel files

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Welcome to R

An overview of R and its capabilities

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