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Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

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Week 1 Video 2 (Databases)

Week 1, Video 2

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Using digital archives: Finding primary sources online (Historical Research: Skills & Sources)

This video introduces the wide range of digital archives available at the Library that allow you to access historical documents and other primary sources online for your research. Useful search…

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How to... Open a bank account in the UK (UG/PGT/PGR)

This short video will cover: What type of bank accounts are available to you Common issues How the Advice Place can help and useful contacts If you have any questions, please email…

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Palaeography (Dissertation Festival)

This is a recording of an online presentation, delivered on 10 March 2023 as part of the Library's Dissertation Festival. The session was presented by Kirsty M Stewart (Scottish and University…

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Accessibility in Design

Accessibility legend, Viki Galt gives us a whistlestop tour through best accessibility practice in design, covering font usage, the dreaded pdf, captioning and much much more... Join the…

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Producing a thesis or dissertation using Word - part 4

A recording of the fourth and final demonstration of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "Producing a thesis or dissertation using Word" course. The demonstration,…

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Decolonizing Knowledge Production through Linked Open Data

Abstract A hallmark of the North American colonial process was the production and dissemination of knowledge about Indigenous peoples through the journals and records of colonizers. The violent, and…

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Lexis+ Demo: Diploma students

Practical guidance for using new combined platform Lexis+ (formerly LexisLibrary and LexisPSL). Recorded specifically for Diploma students at UoE, but includes a general overview of the whole…

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Learn Ultra: Creating Documents, Folders, Learning Modules and Folders

This video demonstrates how to create folders, learning modules and documents in Learn Ultra.

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Practical Project Management (Part 2 of 2) - second half

Practical project management session 2 of 2 - second half Recorded at the online training session delivered 27th July 2022 for Business School staff. Topics include: - Using SharePoint to store and…

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Platform studies methods tutorial

A short introductory video on using documentary methods to conduct platform studies research.

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2.1.2 Culture and risk perception: The hidden significance of culture in development, climate change and disasters

Culture and risk perception- The hidden significance of culture in development, climate change and disasters

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Using Mendeley for bibliography management

This session will provide an overview of Mendeley as a research tool, to organise and manage reference material for research and for writing essays.Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate…

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RESULT-HIP SIV SOP training Slides v1 23Feb2022

Sponsor SOP training for the RESULT-HIP trial

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How to use the Library for your dissertation (Dissertation Festival)

Just starting the process of using the Library for your dissertation research? This session will help you to discover and find the digital resources available via the Library, get your hands on the…

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