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LEL2A: Week 9, Lecture 15.

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Tim Lenton

Mathematics of the Climate Crisis: Extremes and Tipping Points Tim Lenton, Global Systems Institute (GSI) - University of ExeterWednesday 3 November This recording is subtitled. You can turn off the…

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AVLSI Demo 2 - DC Operating Points

Basics of running a DC simulation in Cadence Virtuoso and finding the DC operating point of devices.

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Global Health Challenges Intro Course - Big Food Part 2 2020-11-9

Big Food Pt 2: Lindsay Jaack

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IDS - Week 04 - 02 - Data types

Data types and special values in R

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Managing Comments for Blogging

Quick guidance on managing comments in your blog.

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R&P Porn Warning Sting 3

This is the third sting in a series of three. Sketchbook link:

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R&P Porn Warning Sting 2

This is the second sting in a series of three. Sketchbook link:

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Porn Warning - Know the difference

It's all about knowing the difference between real sex and online porn, and to have a healthy approach to them both. Browse with your brain and hump with your heart. / Royalty Free Music from…

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Porn Warning Sting

A warning video about porn addiction.

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Porn Warning Video_Be AWARE._Layla Choi

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Porn Warning - Julia Engesser-Sudlow

A short sting video created to show the problems surrounding porn and it's effect on the viewer and society.

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Porn Warning Sting

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