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Episode 1 - Public Health, Ethics and Law Research Network (PHELN): COVID-19 Vaccination Programmes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

This is the first episode of the Mason Institute Investigates podcast. Professor Anne-Maree Farrell (Edinburgh Law School) is joined by Professor Mary Donnelly (University College Cork) to discuss…

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NWG Manu Module E3 - Supply Networks

NWG Manu Module E3 - Supply Networks

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B14. An inflammatory state without disease (2022)

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Abnormal liver function tests and how to decode them

Prof Peter Hayes

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The acute abdomen

A lecture for MBChB

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MBChB2 Neuro Pre-Practical Lecture 5_2_2021

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Trad. Arranged by Tony George, The Bluebells of Scotland.

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D-DIEM Webinar Session 3

Free Webinar on Intelligent Energy Management for Environmentally Sustainable Energy Access Wednesday 31st of March 2021 09:00-15:00 BST (13:30-19:30 IST)Session 3 Dr Aristides Kiprakis, University…

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Jethro Browell EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Jethro Browell Talk Title: Probabilistic Forecasting of Regional Net-load with Conditional Extremes Abstract:…

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B13. An inflammatory state without disease_2021

Integrity lecture B13_2021

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Week 9

Week 9 hybrid seminar recording

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Week7 Group 1

Recording of week 7 Group 1 session (Wed 03 March 09:00 GMT).

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Why is it hard to talk about labor in digital scholarship?

Paige Morgan (University of Delaware Library, Museums & Press) discusses labor in digital scholarship. Why is it hard to talk about labor in digital scholarship? It is challenging, which is why…

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Week 5 recording: Feedback on schematic diagram

Feedback on schematic diagram

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RDJS - Science Nature Environment Biofuels

Lecture for science, nature, environment

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AVLSI Demo 2 - DC Operating Points

Basics of running a DC simulation in Cadence Virtuoso and finding the DC operating point of devices.

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