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Closing Comments

In this video we will look back over this online course and look at the key topics that we covered and what we have learned throughout your journey on the course.

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Modelling complex breeding programmes

In this video, we now delve more into the structure of real-life breeding programmes, with an example of a wheat breeding programme presented in the Gaynor et al. (2017) study.

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Selection and Response to Selection

We will look at selective breeding, demonstrating how it can improve a population, and predicting a possible response to selection. The essence in selective breeding is to identify genetically best…

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Trait to DNA

We will review the concept of “Nature vs Nurture” and corresponding genetic and environmental effects. This will lead us to the relationship between variation in traits and underlying…

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Big Question

By 2050, we will have to produce a lot more food to feed 2 more billion people. At the same time, we are expecting that climate change will limit our ability to produce food. How will we produce more…

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