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MucAct COPD Protocol Training v3 23 Mar 2022

MucAct COPD Protocol Training

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23 Things for Digital Knowledge: Building digital confidence

Overview of the 23 Things for Digital Knowledge course created by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley.

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B4. Effector cells of innate immunity

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Nicolai Siegel

Talk at kinetoplast DNA workshop (2-4 February 2022)

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Finding Part Time Work

Animation detailing ways of finding part-time work as a student.

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How-to support your Wellbeing with Heritage and Culture

An awareness of the growing movement of social prescribing as a means of supporting social determinants of student health and wellbeing An overview of the breadth of free heritage and cultural…

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DENS SIV Protocol Training slides

Protocol Version 4 Training Slides

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(UG/PG) How-to arrive in University-managed accommodation (ACE)

Unsure what the arrivals process looks like and want to know what to expect? Need to know what to bring with you to University? Want to know what will be happening over the arrivals period? This…

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Research During the Pandemic: Setting up a Covid Vaccination Programme

During this webinar, Ellie Hunter (Clinical Vaccination Manager) and Pat Wynne (Director of Nursing Primary and Community Care) discuss the challenges and successes of setting up the Covid…

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Bayesian Extremes: Rishikesh Yadav

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Rishikesh Yadav Talk Title: A flexible Bayesian framework for modeling extreme spatial…

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Archaeology option courses 2021

Listen to Head of Archaeology Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz as he introduces you to the Archaeology options courses available in 2021.

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ECGH 20201 Annual Lecture in the History of Slavery (Professor Ana Lucia Araujo)

Edinburgh Centre for Global History Annual Lecture in the History of Slavery, 21 April 2021 Professor Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University In this lecture, Professor Ana Lucia Araujo draws from her…

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Dr Suvankar Pal - MND-SMART Newsletter Introduction

April 2021 MND-SMART Clinical trial newsletter introduction from Co-lead investigator Dr Suvankar Pal. Find out more at

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A4. Genetic variation__2021

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Adaptive Seabed Characterization With Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of SAS Imagery to Assist Sonar ATR

UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing in the Underwater Environment by Scott Brandes, BAE Systems

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How to use a Total Station

Dr Catriona Pickard demonstrates how archaeologists use total stations

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