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Animal Breeding Programme with AlphaSimR - Part 1

This vignette shows how to simulate a bit more realistic animal breeding programme with overlapping generations and different selection intensities in males and females. (Part 1)

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Selection on multiple traits in AlphaSimR - Part 3

Now we explore the multi-trait selection in AlphaSimR so that we can design a sustainable and holistic approach to breeding productive and resilient individuals. This involves consideration of the…

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Selection on a single trait in AlphaSimR - Part 2

In this vignette, we will learn about simulating selection to improve a single trait and explore some of the intricacies of the breeder’s equation. (Part 2)

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Selection and Response to Selection

We will look at selective breeding, demonstrating how it can improve a population, and predicting a possible response to selection. The essence in selective breeding is to identify genetically best…

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CRFR Informal Seminar - Marriage in Past, Present and Future Tense

In this seminar, Professor Janet Carsten discussed findings from an ongoing collaborative project funded by the European Research Council, 'A Global Anthropology of Transforming…

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Introduction to Module 4

Introduction to Module 4

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CCCF 2019: Careers in Arts and Heritage Conservation

Recording of the Careers in Arts and Heritage Conservation panel session from CCCF 2019. (Please note: sound improves and subtitling begins after first minute)

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Professor Martin Chick -Economic & Social History- Research in a Nutshell

Martin talks about his research interests

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