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Genomic selection in plant breeding

The following audio recording is delivered by Chris Gaynor, a senior data scientist at Bayer Crop Science. While working at The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, he developed the AlphaSimR package and…

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Greening DH: Workshop Introduction

To coincide with COP26, this Greening the Digital Humanities workshop was held by the Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture & Society, the University of Southampton Digital Humanities, the Sussex…

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Dynamics Scenario Workshop Recording Sept 2021

In this video, EMT colleagues walk you through six scenarios you are likely to encounter when using Dynamics. Please note that we are using Sandbox, or UAT, the Dynamics training environment. We…

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Seth Westra EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Seth Westra Talk Title: Implications of bottom-up framing for climate impact assessments Abstract: There has…

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Big Question

By 2050, we will have to produce a lot more food to feed 2 more billion people. At the same time, we are expecting that climate change will limit our ability to produce food. How will we produce more…

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8.6 Privacy

Internet and Society 2020

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Surveillance and Privacy 2019

Whole class recording, Internet and Society 2019

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CVS PhD Video - 2020 Ioannis Stasinopoulos

Video of CVS PhD student Ioannis Stasinopoulos, describing his experience studying at CVS in Edinburgh, studying kidneys and blood pressure using mass spectrometry.

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1a Introduction and Parasitic Fungi

The Green Planet field course

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Scenario Design Presentation

This video contains a guided PPT and example video of an immersive simulation scenario. Please watch it as part of you learning in this weeks session on Simulation Scenario Design

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Intermediate Timetabling: Further Skills for Timetabling Curriculum for Excellence - Grant Whytock

Intermediate Timetabling: Further Skills for Timetabling Curriculum for Excellence - Grant Whytock To learn more about this course and to book a place, please visit…

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CCMeas - L06 5 Pros and Cons.mpg

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