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MSc: Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology Module: Precision Oncology 1 Course Code: BIME1182 Author: Dr Donncha Dunican Publishers: Donncha Dunican, Alessandro Brombin, You-Ying Chau Topics:…

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CP2 Pharmacokinetics 2 - Metabolism and Elimination 2

Metabolism and Elimination Part 2

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Application of Deep-learning Architectures for Accurate Protein Structure Prediction

Speaker: Michael Herrera, School of Chemistry Abstract: Since the advent of structural biology, the atomic coordinates of only a fraction of the billions of known protein sequences have been…

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Lecture 6 - Pharmacokinetics 2 Drug metabolism and drug elimination - Dr Phil Larkman

Biological and quantitative aspects of drug metabolism and elimination

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Digestive System Overview Pt.2

Oesophagus and stomach

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Biochemistry of the Extracellular Matrix (3)

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Monoclonal antibodies

Introduction to monoclonal antibodies

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Restriction enzymes

Restriction enzymes

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