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UK-APASI in Mathematical Sciences: Dumitru Trucu

Subtitles will be added soon. Dumitru Trucu, Multiscale Moving Boundary Modelling of Cancer Invasion within Fibrous Environments: Part I and Part II

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Lecture 6 - Pharmacokinetics 2 Drug metabolism and drug elimination - Dr Phil Larkman

Biological and quantitative aspects of drug metabolism and elimination

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Digestive System Overview Pt 1

Anatomy and motility

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Imm3_bacteria_Pt4_extracellular bacteria

Part 4 of the immunity to bacteria lecture for 2020 Immunoloy 3 course. This section covers immune effector mechanisms against extracellular bacteria

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Pharmacology 3: Anxiolytic Drugs - Part 3 Dr Phil Larkman

Benzodiazepines - pharmacokinetics and clinical use

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BMS2: How Drugs Act . Part 4 Dr Phil Larkman

Molecular insights into drug-receptor interactions

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Restriction enzymes

Restriction enzymes

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