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Applying intelligent open science to combat future pandemics - Lucia Loffreda, Eleanor Cox, Rob Johnson

Join Lucia Loffreda (speaker), Eleanor Cox (speaker), and Rob Johnson as they present five key lessons that can be learnt to enable preparedness for future pandemics, and Open Research/Open Science…

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MSc: Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology Module: Precision Oncology 1 Course Code: BIME1182 Author: Dr Donncha Dunican Publishers: Donncha Dunican, Alessandro Brombin, You-Ying Chau Topics:…

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Learning mixtures and DNA copy-numbers from bulk sequencing of tumor samples

Speaker: Brian Arnold, Senior Data Scientist, Princeton University. Abstract: As tumors expand, they evolve via the accumulation of copy-number aberrations (CNAs; amplifications or deletions…

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The Great Medico-Legal Legal Debate 2016: The Right to Know

Should parents have access to all information produced by whole genome sequencing prior to birth? The Mason Institute hosted its third annual intramural student debate with students from the…

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CL - 15d - Using ε-transitions

We present a first example of the use of ε-transitions to concstruct new mahines, and pose a problem to be answered in the following video.

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Research in the Pandemic - Providing a Genomics Platform for Covid Research

Lee Murphy, the Head of the Genetics Core, Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, discusses the work of the Genetics Core during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the way the Core adapted their work…

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Workshop 1 - Distillation Sequencing Solutions

Workshop 1 - Distillation Sequencing Solutions

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Lecture 0 - Course Information

Introduction to CHEDSE4

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Biological Sciences - Quantitative Skills for Biologists 1

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DNA and Sequencing

DNA and Sequencing

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Analysing Genomic Data

Analysing Genomic Data

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Modelling Genomic Data

Modelling Genomic Data

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Epilepsy: is the genetic revolution friend or foe?

Wednesday 15th March 2017In this lecture Dr Richard FM Chin and Professor Cathy Abbott explore how rapid advances in the field of genetics has changed our understanding of the cause(s) of epilepsy…

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DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing

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